Eyewear brand

Occhialeria Artigiana is an eyewear brand of prescription frames and sunglasses, made entirely by hand and certified 100% made in Italy.
Each vision and sunglass model is designed following the inspiration that only attention to every detail gives and by tracing simple lines that outline particular and classic frames.
Each pair of glasses comes from a handicraft production, where the manual tradition of “craftsmen” lives on, and that only uses quality raw material.

OA glasses are an example of Italian craftsmanship: each detail is synonymous with unique and distinctive features, and each model is the result of a constant drive for perfection and the continuous search for timeless frames, which exceed the tendencies dictated by fashion.


The unique finish and frames, which seem to be art frames, make Occhialeria Artigiana an eyewear brand that offers 15 models of eyeglasses and sunglasses, with typical Italian designed and created in a limited edition of 50 pieces per colour.

The OA vision and sunglasses follow and enhance face lines. The frames evoke geometric shapes that are defined but never rigid and are often made lighter by smart nose pads or eyebrow arch incisions. Each pair of glasses has a combination of originality and comfort of fit, to enhance the eyes and give a dimensioned view.
Each frame is available in black and two other colours: havana, oil green, charcoal grey, light grey, red, burgundy, blush pink, gold, maroon and blue-grey.
Each pair of glasses is initialled with a handmade in Italy guarantee and its name: a Roman numeral being a symbol that invokes the relationship that Occhialeria Artigiana has with antiquity, understood as the craftsmanship tradition.

The OA eyeglasses and sunglasses come with strictly made in Italy artisan accessories, including the glass case, the cleaning cloth, and recycled paper shopper

When choosing a pair of OA glasses, you are assured of wearing a product that belongs to you, as if they were custom made.