Made in Italy

Handmade in Italy

The Occhialeria Artigiana eyewear brand is synonymous with handicraft eyewear and sunglasses and guaranteed by the “100% Made in Italy” certification, in one expression: “Handmade in Italy”.
The glasses are made with Italian materials of the highest quality, acknowledged by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, and submitted to quality control ensuring the traceability of each vision and sun model.
Therefore, Occhialeria Artigiana is a guarantee of quality, style, and excellence, values in which the eyewear brand believes and identifies with.


Production process

Occhialeria Artigiana glasses are created in the 1955 srl – Italian Eyewear Factory that takes care of each phase of the artisan manufacturing process, including the design and prototyping, enhanced with the latest generation 3D printer, selection and testing of materials, cutting of the acetate sheet, registration and finishing of the frame up to the finished glasses.
There are 35 essential steps in the handicraft production cycle needed to create a pair of glasses of the highest level, in which the accurate processing of the artisans merges with the millimetre precision of the machines.